Visit of Mirehouse garden, Keswick, Cumbria, England

Discovering the beautiful estate of Mirehouse house and garden near Keswick in Cumbria. The estate and garden are dog friendly and there are several pushchair friendly paths.

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Last June, we went to visit Mirehouse Estate, near Keswick. Unfortunately the Manoir house was closed due to Covid restrictions.

I had been wanted to visit this place for quite a while since some of my colleagues had recommended it to me. As our puppy Skye was still very young and he couldn’t walk a lot so we thought that it was the perfect time to go visit this place. And we absolutely loved it. The parc and garden are amazing in spring time when all the flowers are blooming. We did the full circular walk around the Mirehouse estate that took us a bit more than 3 hours.

Mirehouse manoir

Mirehouse manoir was built in 1666 by the 8th Earl of Derby, who sold the house in 1668 to his agent Roger Gregg. The house stayed with the Gregg family up to 1802 when it became the property of John Spedding of Armathwaite Hall. Nowadays, the house is inhabited by several families with some parts of the house open to the public.


After this visit, we stopped for a late lunch at Wheatsheaf Inn restaurant in Embleton. This gastropub restaurant is very good. We have been twice now and have never been disappointed. We recommend you to try their olive tapenade and their cajun skin and blue cheese dip. They accept dogs in the terrasse.

Au mois de Juin, nous sommes allés visiter le jardin et parc de Mirehouse près de Keswick. Nous n’avons pas pu visiter la maison car elle était fermée à cause des règlementations avec le covid.

Cela faisait un moment que je voulais visiter cet endroit qui m’avait été recommandé par mes collègues. Vu que nous chiot Skye était encore petit et ne pouvais pas marcher trop longtemps, je me suis dis que c’était l’occasion parfaite pour une visite. Et nous ne fûmes pas déçu!! Le parc et jardin qui entourent la maison de Mirehouse est absolument magnifique surtout au printemps quand tout est en fleur. Nous avons fait la promenade circulaire qui fait tout le tour du domaine de Mirehouse et cela nous a pris un peu plus de 3 heures.

Garden wall

La maison de Mirehouse fut construite en 1666 par le 8th Earl de Derby qui la vendit à son agent Roger Gregg en 1668. La maison resta dans la famille Gregg jusqu’en 1802, date à laquelle elle devient la propriété de John Spedding de Armathwaite Hall. De nos jours plusieurs familles vivent dans cette maison dont seulement une partie est ouverte au public.

Entrance of the estate

Après cette visite nous sommes allés manger au Wheatsheaf Inn à Embleton. Ce gastropub restaurant est super bon. Nous vous recommandons la tapenade d’olives et les cajun skins & blue cheese dip. Les chiens sont acceptés en terrasse. Nous sommes retournés dans ce restaurant en fin d’année pour l’anniversaire d’une amie et nous fûmes à nouveau surpris par la qualité de la nourriture.

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9 thoughts on “Visit of Mirehouse garden, Keswick, Cumbria, England

  1. If you don’t fancy paying the huge price to park at the tearooms in Dodd Wood, head along the A591 for no more than half a mile and there are parking spots on the right (near the split road that heads to Scarness). Then there are paths back to the tearooms through the woods (20mins walk). Mirehouse is a lovely spot though for an explore and if you can park where I suggest the tearooms is a good spot for a brew on the way back

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  2. Well I thought I knew the Lake District pretty well but this is a new one for me! I’ve been up Dodd over the road and the Ullock Pike ridge and never knew the hall and garden were over the road.

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