Walk around Cogra Moss, Cockermouth, Cumbria

Walk Information:

  • Distance: 4.5 km (orange), 7 km (black)
  • Duration: 1h30- 2h30
  • Ascent: 130 m (orange), 250 m (black)
  • Level: Easy
  • Car park: Felldyke Car Park, CA14 4SH, free, space for around 10 cars.
  • What3words: Expressed.Sandals.Lecturing
  • Viewranger maps: Orange walk, Black walk
  • Dog friendly: Yes

Veuillez faire défiler vers le bas pour la version française.

view from upper (black) path.

Last year, I was searching online for a nice easy walk to do on a Sunday morning not too far from home when I came across a walk around Cogra Moss that Andrew had published on his blog. I do recommend a visit of his blog if you don’t know it, you will find plenty of great walks in the Lake District.

I knew nothing about this little fishing reservoir so I immediately told Matt that we should go the next Sunday. And since then, we went several times to explore the different paths. I have plotted on this map the two main ones but there is another interesting one that go up to Blake Fell that we haven’t tried yet.

Cogra Moss is a fishing reservoir used by the Cockermouth Angling Association, situated in the little village of Lamplugh between Cockermouth and Ennerdale bridge. The forest surrounding the reservoir is managed by Forestry England and we can clearly see how the forest is evolving.

The paths are well defined and large, which make it perfect for family walk. The orange path on the map is the easiest one and is following the shore of the reservoir. It is flat but can be a bit muddy. The black path is a bit harder as it requires to go up a little slope in order to reach the upper path. Once at the top, the path is again flat, passing through the forest before slowing going down to meet again with the lower path by the reservoir shore. As well it can be a bit muddy.

reservoir from lower (orange) path

By clear weather, the view from Cogra Moss is absolutely beautiful and it is possible to see South of Scotland, the Solway Coast and the Isle of Man. There are some benches by the shore to stop by and watch the fishermen. The place is usually quiet just a couple of people and we always find walk around the reservoir very relaxing.

I have decided to reverse the order of the languages in my blog post and to start with the English version as I think most of my readers are English speaker. Please let me know if you do prefer having the English version before the French version.

Have you been to Cogra moss?

L’année dernière alors que je cherchais sur internet une randonnée facile à faire le dimanche matin pas trop loin de chez moi, je tombais sur la randonnée autour de Cogra Moss qu’Andrew avait publié sur son blog. Je vous recommande d’aller visiter son blog si vous ne le connaissez pas. Il regorge de randonnée dans le Lake District mais aussi au Royaume-Uni en général.

Je ne connaissais pas du tout ce petit réservoir. J’ai donc demandé à Matt si nous pouvions y aller le dimanche suivant. Et depuis ce jour, nous allons souvent nous promener à Cogra Moss et explorer les différents sentiers. J’ai dessiné sur la carte les deux plus gros, mais il y en a un troisième assez connu qui va en haut de Blake Fell que nous n’avons pas fait encore.

Cogra Moss est un réservoir dans lequel il est possible de pêcher. Il est souvent utilisé par les pêcheur de l’association Cockermouth Angling. La forêt qui entoure le réservoir est gérée par Forestry England. Nous poussons vraiment voir comment la forêt évolue. Le réservoir est situé sur la petite commune de Lamplugh entre Cockermouth and Ennerdale Bridge.

Les chemins de promenade sont très larges et visibles ce qui fait que l’endroit est parfait pour une promenade en famille. Le chemin en orange sur la carte est le plus facile et suit le bord du réservoir. Il peut être un peu boueux à certain endroits. Le chemin en noir est un peu plus dur car il faut monter sur le chemin du haut. La montée est assez raide mais une fois en faut, le chemin est à nouveau plat. Il passe à travers la forêt avant de rejoindre doucement le chemin du bas. Il peut être aussi assez boueux.

Par temps dégagé, la vue depuis Cogra Moss est absolument magnifique. Il est possible de voir la côte sud de l’Ecosse, la côte de Solway et même l’Isle de Man. Il y a quelques bancs pour s’assoir en bordure du réservoir pour observer les pêcheurs. Cette endroit est très peu fréquenté comparé au centre du Lake District et nous trouvons toujours nos promenades la-bas très relaxante.

Pour cet article j’ai décidé de faire un test en changeant l’order des langues et en commençant par la version anglaise car je pense que j’ai plus de lecteurs dont la langue maternelle est l’anglais. N’hésitez pas à me dire ce que vous pensez de cet ordre la des langues.

Avez vous déjà visité Cogra Moss?

12 thoughts on “Walk around Cogra Moss, Cockermouth, Cumbria

  1. Thanks for sharing this, it’s given me something to think about for the future. Over the last three years I’ve camped a few times not far from Cockermouth, I went to Ennerdale for the first time last September and was really impressed by how beautiful it is. I hadn’t heard of Cogra Moss so a walk round there will definitely be on my list for later in the year.
    English or French first? My pc automatically translates the French so either order is fine by me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ennerdale is the closest lake for us so we go quite often. I agree it is really beautiful and very quiet as well that is why we like it.
      Glad that this blog post gave you a new place to visit. I think you will like around Cogra Moss it is so peaceful there.


  2. I’ve got used to your posts being French then English and wouldn’t be worried if it returned to that way around, it good that you cater for both audiences. I’ve heard of Cogra Moss before and have read lots of the walks on Andrew’s site, I used to read another blog by the name of David Hall’s walking website (unfortunately he took it down a few years ago), it was a superb walking website on all that was Lake District, whether it be high or low, he used to work at Sellafield and used to stop for walks at Cogra Moss and Muncaster Fell on his drive home, which he then would share on his website. Great to see someone else enjoying that area and Blake fell is a good Wainwright to summit if you can get up there.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Un joli coin du Lake District 🙂 Pas de préférence en ce qui concerne l’ordre des langues. J’aime beaucoup ton blog car j’apprends toujours de nouvelles expressions en français.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice post covering somewhere we’ve never been. As hikers, we would love to visit there and follow your paths. Your photos reflect the beauty of Cogra Moss! We don’t speak French, so we like your English version. Happy travels, Melodie. We look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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