Visit of Lowther Castle, Penrith, England

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  • Website:
  • Prices: £12/adult, £9/child
  • Car park free at Lowther Castle
  • Dog Friendly: Yes, dogs are welcome on leads. Dogs are not allowed on the lost castle.

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Last year I took “My cumbria” card which allows to have discounts on some activities in Cumbria. It was while looking at their website to see what we could visit that I discovered Lowther Castle. We decided to visit this area in mid-June because that weekend, the castle hosted a craft market in its main courtyard. There were about twenty exhibitors that day who came from Cumbria. After taking a tour of the market and buying some handmade soaps, we went to visit the castle.


Lowther Castle, located next to Penrith, was built in the 17th century by John Lowther, 1st Viscount of Lonsdale and it was in the 19th century that the castle took its current form after some reconstructions. The castle remained in the Lowther family until 1937 and then became a military base during the Second World War. The castle was returned to the family Lowther in 1954 but unfortunately they could not maintain it for lack of money and decided to remove the roof in 1957 not to pay tax.


Lowther Castle is a castle in ruins but is still impressive and was elected “Large Visitor Attraction of the Year 2018” by Cumbria tourism.

The visit of the castle begins with an indoor exhibition on the history of the castle, the former owners, as well as renovations that have been made in the last few years. Then the visit continues by wandering in the ruins of the castle which opens onto a huge garden. It consists of a meadow, several gardens with various themes and is surrounded by a small forest. There is also a playground for the children at the end of the garden.


It takes 2-3 hours minimum to fully visit the castle and its garden.

I loved this place. I did not know that the castle had no roof before visiting it and it was a small surprise. Nevertheless, it is very interesting to visit. The garden is also very pleasant to walk around, and it is a perfect place for children. It was a beautiful discovery.

Do you know Lowther Castle?

L’année dernière j’ai pris la carte « My cumbria » qui permet d’avoir des réductions sur certaines activités en Cumbria. C’est en regardant leur site internet pour voir ce que nous pouvions visiter que j’ai découvert Lowther Castle. Nous avons décidé d’aller visiter ce domaine mi-juin car ce weekend-là, le château accueillait un marché artisanal dans sa cour principale. Il y avait une vingtaine d’exposants ce jour-là qui venaient de Cumbria. Après avoir fait un tour du marché et acheté quelques savons artisanaux, nous sommes allés visiter le château.


Lowther Castle, situé à côté de Penrith, fut construit au 17ème siècle par John Lowther, 1er Vicomte de Lonsdale et c’est au 19ème siècle que le château prit sa forme actuelle après quelques reconstructions. Le château resta dans la famille Lowther jusqu’en 1937 puis devint une base militaire pendant la seconde guerre mondiale. Le château fut rendu à la famille Lowther en 1954 mais malheureusement celle-ci ne pouvait pas l’entretenir par manque d’argent et décida de retirer la toiture en 1957 pour ne pas payer de taxe.


Lowther Castle est donc un château en ruine mais qui est tout de même imposant et fut élue « Large Visitor Attraction of the Year 2018 » par le département de Cumbria.

La visite du château commence par une exposition couverte sur l’histoire du château, des anciens propriétaires, ainsi que des rénovations qui ont été faites ces quelques dernières années. Puis la visite se poursuit en déambulant au sein des ruines du château qui s’ouvrent sur un immense jardin. Celui-ci est composé d’une prairie, de plusieurs jardins aux diverses thématiques et est entouré d’une petite forêt. Il y a également une aire de jeux pour les enfants tout au fond du jardin.


Il faut compter 2-3h au minimum pour bien visiter tout le château et son jardin.

J’ai beaucoup aimé cet endroit. Je ne savais pas que le château n’avait plus de toiture avant de le visiter et ce fut une petite surprise. Néanmoins il est très intéressant à visiter. Le jardin est aussi très agréable pour se promener et c’est un endroit parfait pour les enfants. Ce fut une belle découverte.

Connaissez-vous Lowther Castle ?


9 thoughts on “Visit of Lowther Castle, Penrith, England

  1. Ah yes I do. My Mum lives 5 mins from here in the village of Askham. Did you visit in August last year when there was a Crafty Vintage Craft fair on? If so, I was there too. 🙂 Love the gardens and grounds here. Always a nice walk. X

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  2. I haven’t visited the castle for around 15 years now. It changed drastically following that visit, but things are on the up again for the old seat of power in Cumbria. I’ll see if I can persuade my other half for a visit during the off season – it gets too busy with tourists. Lol.

    If you get a chance, I highly recommend a visit to Muncaster Castle – it’s not quite as grand as Lowther, but it is still intact. The gardens there are just as magnificent. I’d also recommend a trip on the Ratty – Ravenglass Railway – if you’re in that neck of the woods. It’s superb.

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    1. Thanks for your comment.

      I went to Muncaster few months ago. I really loved it especially the rhododendron garden and the bird shows.

      I heart about Ravenglass Railway but didn’t have time yet to do it.

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