The Cairngorm National Park is situated in the northeast of Scotland was established as a National Park in 2003. It is the largest National Park in UK with 18,000 people residing within its 4,528 square kilometre and spreading across Aberdeenshire, Moray, Highland, Angus and Perth and Kinross counties.

All the walks we did can be directly accessed from the map or from the list of blog posts below. They are dog friendly.

Le parc national du Cairngorm, situé au Nord Est de l’Ecosse a été reconnu parc national en 2003. C’est le plus grand parc national au Royaume-Uni avec 18000 habitants pur une superficie de 4528 kilomètre carrée et s’étirant sur les département d’ Aberdeenshire, Moray, Highland, Angus et Perth and Kinross.

Toutes nos randonnées sont traduites en français et peuvent être accédé soit directement en cliquant sur l’icône dans la carte ou en cherchant dans la liste des posts ci-dessous. Les chiens sont autorisés dans la plupart des randonnées mais il faudra qu’ils soient tenu en laisse lors de traversé de champs contenant des vaches et des moutons.

Nan Shepherd

The Cairngorm Mountains are a mass of granite thrust up through the schists and gneiss that form the lower surrounding hills, planed down by the ice cap, and split, shattered and scooped by frost, glaciers and the strength of running water. Their physiognomy is in the geography books – so many square miles of area, so many lochs, so many summits of over 4000 feet – but this is a pallid simulacrum of their reality, which, like every reality that matters ultimately to human beings, is a reality of the mind

Some interesting websites to plan your visit:

For readers The Living Mountain by Nan Shepherd is a great poetry, nature book to read.

Green: easy walk, Orange: medium level walk, Red: hard level walk

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